What is group consultation?

Group consultation provides all the benefits of individual consultation but also gives group consultees the experience of sharing and learning from the variety of practices presented.

For that reason confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

Confidence and competency can increase in discussing work with colleagues and group consultation provides an opportunity to observe oneself in relation to others.

The group also offers an opportunity for networking and potential referrals from colleagues.

Regarding EMDR Consultancy, we also offer this in small groups of up to five EMDR therapists.

How does this differ from peer consultation?

Peer consultation is, as the name implies, a meeting of peer counsellor or psychotherapists or peer EMDR therapists.

At EMDR Consult, we offer group consultation  for counsellors and psychotherapists and group EMDR case consultancy which is facilitated.

The group consultation is provided by an experienced counsellor or psychotherapists. This person providing this has a specifically accredited post graduate qualification in counselling and psychotherapy consultation.

The group EMDR case consultancy that we offer is provided by an accredited EMDR Consultant.

In the UK and Ireland, an EMDR Consultant with have previously worked with in excess of 75 clients (with a a range of different presenting issues) and will have consulted with an EMDR Consultant in their own practice. Equally, an EMDR Consultant will have undertaken a substantial amount of EMDR related continuous professional development (CPD) specifically relate to more specialised EMDR trainings).

How else does it differ from individual consultation?

As well as being able to benefit from the joint learning of a group consultation session or a group EMDR consultancy session, the time will be for 1.5 to 2 hours. This gives each person time to bring their 'consultation question' to the session.

You will also find that it is less expensive than individual consultation or individual EMDR case consultancy (this is for reasons of equity and fairness - you may have 20 to 30 allocated minutes in the group session, as opposed to the 50 minutes to 1 hour in individual consultation or EMDR case consultancy).

How do we provide consultation?

At EMDR Consult, we offer flexible consultation arrangements for counsellors and psychotherapists and EMDR case consultancy for EMDR therapists.

We can meet with you in person or via Skype, or a combination of meeting in person and Skype. You are free to choose what best meets your needs.

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