Heal from trauma for once and for all . . . . . . without years of therapy

Discover exactly what you need to do to get past your past, and finally start living again.

"We are all traumatized by life, by its unpredictability, its randomness, its lack of regard for our feelings and the losses it brings" (Mark Epstein)

"I don't want to keep going to counselling and keep talking about the same thing over and over again"

Life begins each day like any other. Then, something happens in an instant that changes everything ........ a car crash, being bullied at school, being harassed at work, an assault ...... it could be anything.


- We know

Life is no longer the same as it was before. Our world may crumble and fall apart. We would like it to go back to how it was before this terror came.


We try to fix it ourselves first. We hope that in time, the thoughts and dreams that intrude on our peace will lessen or disappear.

"CBT gave me helpful techniques and worked for a while - it didn't fix it"


When that doesn't work, we might go to a doctor or to a medical specialist. We get poked and prodded, tested, and may be given medicine or tablets.


When these things don't work, we are referred on to other specialists or given stronger medication.


Through all of this, we remain hopeful that we will be able to heal and return back to how we were before this terror invaded our lives.

- Everyone said CBT would work

More often than not, this doesn't work.

"So, can you help me?"

Would you like to get your life back?

(What everyone wants to know)

EMDR is unlike any other therapy you have ever tried

In fact, you could say it is revolutionary


Adults may have experienced recent traumas or may have been through traumatic events from many years ago, in earlier life or childhood.


EMDR therapy can help you to resolve these traumas, to heal, to find peace and get your life back.


EMDR Consult are experts in the field of EMDR therapy, with in excess of 20,000 clinical hours of EMDR therapy with clients. We have continually trained in more specialist areas of EMDR in order to work with more complex and difficult cases.


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Children and Adolescents

At EMDR Consult, we know that your children and precious. It is very stressful for parents to see their children suffer and we know how important it is that you get good quality help to resolve the issues impacting on your child.


We are specifically trained to work with children and adolescents using EMDR. Developmentally, children and adolescents are different. EMDR sessions have to be much more fluid and tailored to the needs of a child and their particular age and stage.

We work with the parent or parents initially to get a good understanding of what has happened. When we work with the child or adolescent, we will always have one parent present in the room.


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EMDR Consultation makes you a better EMDR therapist.

We provide both individual and group EMDR consultation for EMDR trainees, EMDR therapists, EMDR Practitioners and EMDR Consultants.

We consider consultation to be an essential part of your professional EMDR practice. In many countries, supervision or case consultancy is required in order to maintain your professional registration, your professional accrediting body membership, and as part of your ongoing CPD requirements.

Education and Training

EMDR Consult has presented at numerous training events, including about EMDR and trauma at the UK & Ireland EMDR conference, to the Church of England in York, at the EMDR Canada conference and recently at an international seminar on intensive EMDR in Northern Ireland.

We conduct regular CPD training for counsellors/therapists and EMDR therapists, both face to face and online.


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EMDR Consult has developed a number of resources for EMDR therapists and recommends high-quality resources from other therapists.

We offer these through training and also through providing free resources to EMDR therapists and to people seeking information regarding EMDR for adults, and EMDR for children and adolescents.

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